Why Skip Hire Is Always A Good Idea

Save time and ensure you dispose of waste properly with skip hire

If you have a lot of waste to clear – perhaps a major garden revamp or a house clearance – then hiring a skip makes a lot of sense.

You’re ensuring waste is removed properly and in an environmentally friendly fashion, you’re saving considerable time in multiple visits to the recycling centre, and you’ll find skip hire is very good value for money.

Skip hire options

A skip hire company will deliver a skip to a place of your choosing whether your home or business premises and then collect it once you’re finished filling it – or even if you don’t fully fill it up.

In certain cases, if you have higher volumes of waste ‘ready to go’ you can arrange a wait an go service where the skip is delivered, filled up immediately, and then taken away straight afterwards.

Skips come in various sizes and most companies, such as these Chelmsford skip hire professionals, offer commercial and domestic services.

There are good reasons to hire a skip:


As mentioned above, the skip will be delivered and positioned exactly where you’d like it and removed once you’re finished with it. The usual term is two weeks but many firms will negotiate a longer hire if required.

If a permit from the local authority is required to position the skip on a piece of public land then the skip hire company can usually arrange this.

Saves time

Compared to repeated trips to the local recycling centre skip hire saves considerable time.

There’s also the question of the limitations of a recycling centre:

  • When it’s closed – some have a weekday when they’re shut; highly frustrating if that’s the day you’d like to do some waste disposal
  • Hold ups – you may have to queue to get in during busy periods and maybe there’s a hold up; for example, when they’re changing one of the containers
  • Segregating waste – one you’re in and unloading the car or van, you then have to be sure to put the waste in the relevant container so as to recycle properly; a time consuming process

The skip overcomes all of the above; you simply put the waste in it and that’s it.

That said, there are certain restrictions regarding disposal of items in a skip (but no more than at your local recycling centre) so check with your skip hire company. It’s usually items classed as hazardous such as:

  • Liquids
  • Asbestos
  • Tyres
  • Tins of paint
  • Gas cylinders
  • Batteries
  • Pressurised containers

Wear on your vehicle

You may not think a series of trips to the recycling centre in your car can harm anything, but heavy loads transported by a passenger car may cause problems in two ways:

Damage to the car – heavy loads can damage your car’s suspension; if the heavy load lowers the vehicle’s ride height you may damage the exhaust system or other components underneath on speed bumps.

Breaking the law – a load inappropriately secured or unsuitable for the vehicle transporting it can fall foul of the law; you don’t want to be stopped by the police on your way to the recycling centre so be aware of the basic requirements.

Environmentally safe

It’s easy to unwittingly contravene environmental law and general good practices when disposing of waste yourself, but a skip hire ensures waste is disposed of appropriately.

When your filled up skip is removed, the skip hire company ensure the items are disposed of properly.

No job too big or small

While skip hire comes into its own when undertaking major projects where much waste – and bulky waste at that – is produced, there’s no reason why smaller domestic situations might not benefit.

One way to make the most of a skip hire is to combine perhaps a major house decluttering with a large scale garden clearcut or revamp. Another option is to club together with neighbours; for example, if a handful of you are clearing your gardens, then why not chip in and hire a skip rather than have several cars head for the recycling centre?