5 Engineering Innovations that Shaped the World

Most inventions are just plain stupid and are never forgotten, but a few stand firms and are most respected for the way they changed the world. Here we take a look at the five of those engineering inventions that shaped the world as it is today and, probably for the foreseeable future. This is a modern take on the same old rhetoric.

  1. The Light at the End of the Tunnel is a Train Run by Electricity

Yes, this has been a rough ride from everything today running on alternating current or as we gladly call it AC. The bricks charging this very laptop I’m writing this article on are possible because of that source of power.

  • Sir Nikola Tesla, known for his engineering inventions of the radio, x-ray, and AC revolutionized the world with his induction motor.
  • He received funding for his Tesla Electric Company in 1887 and had several inventions based on this AC system soon.
  • Analytical Engine by Charles’ Babbage

What we do not know or have heard of ever is the first computer? Who or what was the first computer? Well, this term came later but the first computer is the Analytical Engine as it was called by its inventor Charles Babbage. He is regarded as the father of computers, for the same reason. It was first shown to the world in the 1860s.

  • It was able to be programmed, and run like any modern-day IBM or Dell, except using mechanical components.
  • This Invention is Changing the Shape of the World

In 1869 an American inventor called John Wesley Hyatt was playing with his chemicals and invented what we are most afraid of today, the Plastic. He mixed cellulose nitrate and camphor to produce the world’s first most widely used and infamous invention called plastic. It is shaping the world every second through pollution as well as through all good means.

  • This material was moldable, waterproof, versatile, and could have many forms.
  • The Dawn of the Horseless Carriages Brought Roads

Now, there have been a lot of things for us but, nothing about transport. This is going to be a tribute to something that changed the world in 1895 when the German engineer Karl Benz, the same name behind the famous Mercedes, designed the first automobile.

  • It was patented with what he called the internal combustion engine.
  • It has electrical ignition, water-cooled engine and gears to do the work.

The same has stuck with us till today on everything, we have around us.

  • The Box that could Capture Time

The innovation that shaped the world as we see it could not be possible without the device that helps us see. In 1888, Kodak that is now almost gone from our memories developed the first box camera apparatus. The first small Kodak camera module made photography much easier and accessible to the public. From there, today we have five cameras behind our smartphones and cameras everywhere across the streets across the world monitoring every single activity.